Our Story


My name is Maxwell McCann, I am the Founder and CEO at Calm Recovery. To pursue my vision of combining my love for a good cup of coffee and a supplement to improve my physical and mental well-being, I have founded Calm Recovery – we are a roaster, online retailer and wholesaler of CBD Coffee and related products.

We offer a customer-focused service that includes hand roasted coffee to order. This means freshness you won’t find from retailers; our customers choose their particular grind based upon preference; CBD coffee subscriptions options so you are never without; biodegradable packaging to show our thought to the environment; and free UK delivery so no hidden costs!


Well, the journey to CBD infused coffee started with the coffee itself when my girlfriend and I toured Italy in 2018. I discovered the art of drinking a strong espresso stood at an Italian bar, often with a croissant to the side. We spent our time exploring the Italian cities to check out the local coffee shops. Whilst also seeing a few sights, but we were more interested in finding the next coffee! I became accustomed to the taste of freshly roasted coffee. Sadly, I was brought back to reality when I returned to England.

Coffee has always been important in my day to day; whether that’s the first sip in the morning, catching up with my girlfriend or family, or that pre-workout coffee that really gets me ready for a boxing session!

CBD is a relatively new addition to my daily routine. However, now it is something I certainly don’t go a day without. I was hesitant to try it, worrying that that the increasing hype around it meant it was just going to be a fad. Let’s face it, it isn’t cheap! However, I can first-hand describe the positive affects it has had upon my ability to have a good night’s sleep. In addition, it is also helping me to manage my recently increased levels of anxiety.


Calm Recovery is driven by the aim to revolutionise the coffee industry, whilst improving the way we rest and recover, whether this is from a gruelling exercise regime or simply the pressures of everyday life. The benefits you could receive from using our CBD infused coffee includes:

  • Improved the symptoms of those suffering with anxiety and depression
  • Help those taking part in sports to recover better
  • Improved comfort and developing a better way of life for people suffering with joint and muscle aches and pains
  • Improved recovery from exercise, reducing muscle pain and inflammation.

We currently offer our freshly roasted and posted CBD coffee and CBD coffee syrups. We are the first company in the UK to offer CBD infused coffee syrup. Soon we will be adding a selection of edibles to our store, so stay tuned!

Maxwell McCann

Founder & CEO @ Calm Recovery