Why Should You Buy CBD Coffee Syrup From Calm Recovery?

CBD Syrup could easily become the 8th Wonder of the World (without insulting the Pyramids or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon). Calm Recovery’s CBD Coffee Syrup is safe, sweet and super delicious. Another ‘S’ for you – it really helps you sleep, along with the other benefits of our CBD products in the UK. CBD [...]

Caffeine Jitters? How CBD Coffee can ease your problems

It’s common knowledge that excess caffeine can cause anxiety, or as it is more commonly known ‘the jitters’. The more, full blast coffee you drink, the more you will exacerbate your ‘shakes’ and anxiety. If you love the taste of coffee, and can’t bear the thought of being without it, never fear, help is at [...]

White Label CBD Coffee vs. Wholesale CBD Coffee

If you are launching your own coffee brand, you'll have many decisions to make. Undoubtedly the most important of these is the coffee that you use. You'll be faced with two primary choices. You can make use of an established brand, and trade in on success that has already been established. There is a reason [...]

How Could CBD Cookies Change My Life?

At Calm Recovery, we are continually striving to produce the best products for you, that have a multitude of health benefits and taste so good! That's why we have created our very own CBD Cookies. There is nothing better than a good cup of CBD coffee – or is there? Cookies and coffee are natural [...]

How to Find the Best CBD Coffee Wholesaler for You

If you have decided to take a white label approach to your CBD coffee brand, you have a range of decisions to make. It’s pivotal that you take the time to find the right CBD Coffee Wholesaler for your needs. Business relationships can be comparable to a marriage. You’ll be looking to enter an arrangement [...]

The UK’s First CBD Coffee Subscription

CBD Coffee Subscription Service There are so many subscription services available nowadays; clothing, skin care, accessories - even magazines still provide this reliable service. But what about coffee? Are you a coffee drinker? A fan of CBD too? Well, your luck could be in. Subscription services are the way forward in so many aspects of [...]

How buying white label CBD can grow your business

So, you want to grow your business?  Don’t we all!  But how do you go ahead and actually do that? What processes can you put in place to make your life easier and your pockets fatter? Well that’s where this article comes in handy. We’ll be showing you the ropes when it comes to white [...]

The Best CBD Infused Products On The Market

As CBD infused products become more and more popular every year it allows for more interesting products to be brought to market. CBD products have only really started getting popular in the last few years, and so there is nigh on unlimited room for the products to grow within the current market. The fact that [...]

Can CBD make you happier?

Lets find out... CBD is the new health poster child. Except this is one that’s here to stay. CBD has seen a massive surge in the market recently with its value expected to reach £1 billion by 2025. But why is this? It has been proven to not only benefit a healthy lifestyle and contribute [...]

CBD & Testosterone: A match made in heaven?

CBD has recently made its mark within the health industry, being thrust firmly into the spotlight. But one thing that might catch the eye of you guys is CBD’s ties to testosterone. Although it's not just testosterone that CBD improves. Oh no. It can help to boost sleep quality amongst a range of other factors. [...]

Is CBD coffee more effective than CBD oil?

CBD is everywhere now. From what was once a very hush-hush product in the wings of the health world, it has blossomed into a major player, promising everything from anxiety-relief to improved athletic performance and libido. In fact, it’s come so far that companies are infusing CBD in all manner of products. And here at [...]

Do CBD Edibles Taste Bad?

When you hear CBD your mind probably goes straight to oils and whilst CBD oil is definitely one of the most common ways to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle, it’s certainly not the only one.

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